Apple has launched their iPads and watches, and in October they are  going to launch the iPhone 12 which is pretty exciting for iPhone  die-hard fans around the globe, Apple always updates the numeric value  of the operating system whenever they are about to launch a new device.

So for the upcoming iPhone 12, they have launched ios 14 which has  enormous numbers of features in there and that is pretty impressive  Apple has always been impressive on showing their technologies to the  world so the ios 14 has been launched and it has a feature which is that  you can add the widget on your phone's home screen.

But now we are going to talk about one widget which is quite  necessary if you are a music freak so it is about how to get Spotify at  your home screen.

I'm getting to be showing you guys the way to get a free Spotify  widget on ios 14, for the free Spotify widget what you want to try to  first is open up the app store and what you would like to try to then  attend search and sort in tune tracks that are "t-u-n-e-t-r-a-k-s" all  one word hit search and this could be mentioned right here it was in  beta now but now it's fully released within the app store so guys do tap  on the download button right there and there we go now we've it now if  you re-evaluate here on your home screen it'll first show up within the  app library presumably so that's where you will find it.

When it's getting to open it will loads up some music it's getting to  attend the center tab which is what we would like and you guys can see  would like access to your apple music so just say okay and you'll choose  apple music Spotify or last FM so it isn't only Spotify that this works  with this is often super cool anyways.

If you guys have already got the Spotify application installed  anyways once here you would like to scroll down and tap on agree and a  bit like that when it's logged in so go back up there you'll see it says  signed in anyways if you're going back up here you can see it shows the  highest tracks currently available and you'll also just sort by artists  or tracks and stuff like that but you are not going to really be using  this part in the least so anyways what you would like to try to do is  just x out of here and now it's getting to put our apps into edit home  screen mode so let's re-evaluate here and you will be just getting to  tap and hold edit home screen tap on the plus icon a bit like adding any  other widgets.

Now you guys can see one for 2 track so there it's right over there  like you do is tap thereon and you'll see they need one for apple music  and it's going over they need one just Spotify so apple music and  Spotify you'll add both if you would like to, I'm just getting to add  the Spotify one so tap on add widgets and a bit like that we now have it  now currently it isn't showing anything so what we gotta do is actually  open up Spotify and play some music so I haven't used Spotify during a  while I exploit title but Spotify i use here and there anyways I'm just  going to enter play and let's examine okay so I'm playing some music  immediately I'm just getting to play another song.

So anyways alright so let's go ahead and just keep it up playing  this, you'll see immediately it doesn't show up or it does show up but  if it stays not exposure for you then what you've got to try to to is  again open up tune track and tap on rock bottom right and over here if  you are going to scroll down you'll find a choice to refresh widgets now  this may confirm that it works if it isn't really showing up anyways  all you gotta do is tap on refresh widgets and hit close and also I'll a  bit like the proper streaming servers that you simply guys are using  over here so tap on Spotify and it also can customize the widgets but  this is often a paid feature, unfortunately.

So I won't be showing you guys this because I know you guys keep it  free up here on the channel but yeah you get all the app themes and  icons complete widget customization so if I'm getting to return up here  you guys can see I could choose different icons which is cool and  monochrome inverted so I could also return oops let me return and I  could also tap on themes and that they have different colors they could  choose between also but I'm not sure if that's worthwhile anyway it's  gonna exit out of here and you guys can see the widget is playing now  this is not the simplest widget that we have immediately but it's just  like the just one for Spotify so it's still cool to possess something  show up on your home screen.

So all it does is show the album all cover the song name and also the  artist and that's about it now I'm getting to tap on this it just  exposes right here and so yeah what I like to recommend to you really  use this is often just placed on your home screen I'm actually gonna  move it to a different page on my home screen just because I don't love  it on my last page anyways it's gonna move it so let's move it uh right  here alright anyways once I even have right there okay so what you want  to try to for this tiny trick that I'll be showing you guys is first to  open up the shortcuts app show the shortcuts so let's go bring this up  and that we want to do then is tap on the plus icon tap on add action  tap on media and over there.

You would like to scroll down until you find where is it so keep it  up scrolling down uh it is called skip forward so skip forward and skip  back now you can add both of those and I'll show you guys the way to do  this so I'm gonna go first add skip back so all I gotta do is tap right  there and that I can see skip back to the start on iPhone anyways all I  gotta do now's tap on next and name this.

So I'm just gonna name this back or whatever you would like because  it doesn't matter anyway let's tap on done and I am also going to create  another one so again add action let's return to media and this point  I'm getting to proceed so you basically get some media controls right  here which is super cool anyway skip forward and a bit like that just  hit next and I'm gonna name this skip also I think I have already got  this one so I'm just getting this skip two because this is often my  second time making this so you guys will just have to name it to skip or  whatever.

You would like anyways tap on done and exit out of here and now what I  might do is open up the settings application scroll down over to  accessibility and over here you would like to tap on touch and let's go  all the way right down to back tap now you guys can see what I've been  doing right here but anyways for the double-tap I'm getting to go tap  right here and I am getting to choose let's plow ahead and scroll right  down to the shortcuts so these are all the shortcuts that we added so I  do have a bunch but anyways you want to scroll right down to those they  made so for the double-tap.

So I'm just gonna return right there and let's go back up here so  it's really cool so basically, every time I just double tap on the rear  of my phone and my phone is quite shattered but it still works anyway  let's go double-tap on the rear it's like just like that it will plow  ahead and skip the song, so this is often a very cool feature to possess  because quite brings that control so you've got a widget just on your  home screen and if you do not want to play that song all you bought to  try to do is double-tap and it'll attend subsequent song in order that  is super cool and that I recommend for the triple tap just return song  so again we will go back down to series shortcuts it should be within  the b since that is what we named it and there it is back let's go tap  thereon let's go and x out of there.

Now you guys can see for the double-tap I even have it as a skip and  for triple-tap I even have it to travel back the track okay so when you  have that set you'll attend x out of there I do not think I've Spotify  premium but let me plow ahead and check out this but it does work I did  test this out unless I did run out of skips but all right so uh seems  like it did run that skip so discover the premium feature but it does  work trust me on this so if I'm going ahead and double-tap right here  it'll enter forward the track.

If you attend triple tap it'll go ahead and return a track okay so  you guys will see the changes take effect up here you'll see there it's  the boom and this is often super cool so it doesn't really have  on-screen controls.