Hey, guys, I'm here for another tutorial and they have a very special  tutorial for you guys I'm going to be teaching how I can get a Netflix  account for free.

How have guys known Netflix is one of the best streaming  services on the world was one of the most populated ones and the most  users one which is out of wish as available a lot of very very good  movies and series and you will see it by yourself as well and before  leaving how can get the Netflix account for free I'm going to speak a  little bit about Netflix so as you guys know Netflix II is the premier  the primary business it's a subscription-based streaming service which  offers online streaming o fa liberal Li of films and television programs  including those producing house.

You guys know like the explode is like stranger things and that ones  which are as one of the most view with series out there and this  tutorial is very easy all you need is this file here called Netflix  generator this file will generate an unique account so you can use in  your Netflix and you will be able to play the game the way well to watch  all the movies on all the CDs for free for a minimum of one month if  you guys want to account for less for up one year you got into work to  do not change the password and do not share with anyone else if they  want an account just share the generator so they so it can generate and  you are comfort them much but how does it make sure you didn't share  your Netflix account that it got for free with anyone else otherwise it  can get banned more fast guys so don't do that so to have this file you  are going to open your browser and you are going to a account  sandkeys.com and you are going here on search for and write Netflix and  it should be opening this page free Netflix account login and password  included.

You are going to click here and after opening the page you can see  here at the button to download Netflix and you can see here a brief  description about Netflix and Netflix account so you have an idea how it  works so how does Eric menu if you want to use Netflix for free or it  many fun too can't live like this so you can know a little bit about the  Netflix and about the free process that will be happening if you want  to know so after you read everything they which is an option you don't  have to read anything about this we are going here on the top page and  click download Netflix account already with you on the stock  degenerates.

So we are going to walk in here and here you are going to write  accounts and keys it must outcomes and you can check it out here make  sure it's on lower case unless it is to be online it's often is because  there isn't any more accounts left or they are doing updates so now it's  connecting checking an internet connection other safe you will be able  to just get one Netflix HD account for free and if you share with anyone  else or if you change your password you will lose your account because  the owner of the country will change your password again and you will  lose it forever for about one month and you just can redeem for about  one month so has I said I don't recommend you changing password share  with anyone else the same account so now you have three main options  visit that website get key and getting get account and instructions  instantly not be needed because I'm already teaching you how to get a  free Netflix count but as I said if you don't want to follow my steps  you can always use this forum it will be the same but I think it's very  visual so it can have a better idea where he's going to happening so now  if you here get account and website we'll just say the website of the  service.

So we can put your county tales there and you can log in on your  account so now we are going to open here how our Netflix and you're  going to next six calm and you are going to sign in so now it's asking  for email and a password and you are going to get it here so now we  click your get account and you can put whatever you hear the cap at you  here now oh it's case sensitive so make sure you choose the right things  and here you have the main important thing which is getting account  this we'll get you an account that's gonna say limit per our day is one  limit per user is one so you just be able to get one account of Netflix.

So now we are going here and click get account don't close this you  know otherwise you lose the code for everything you just can redeem in  one month if that is available so make sure you don't close this window  as I said do not close it anywhere as well so now it's getting the  account and preparing hands as you can see email easier and you are  going here on the copy to copy the email you are going here on this  bottom and you are going to paste it here and you are going to copy the  password and you are going to place it here and you are going to sign in  and how do you see you can click one whatever the profile one just  don't create another profile gives you the same profile how's this guy  because it's a trigger if you clear it to create another profile.

And now you can see on your account you have the premium version and  here's can see premium UltraHD and it should be working to watch any see  any film or series for free very easily so how does can see so I really  hope you enjoyed this tour with a very simple to talk about it's  working now you guys can see you can't yet read in January more secure  than is completed thanks for using us to get your free Netflix account  we keep this one company companies of the white spammers and allow  everyone has the same experience things and fields are the overlaps is  from our accounts so how can you generate your free Netflix account and I  hope you really enjoy the store was a very simple tour but it's working  perfectly and how does that if you have any question about this storage  just message me that I'll be very happy to help you and don't forget to  leave your like and subscribe so hope you got to see our next story bye  guys.