Zong 4g Device Unlock Software Free Download - Unlock Any Device Easily - 2021

Zong 4g Device Unlock Software Free Download

     Zong 4g Device Unlock Software Free Download :

    Zong 4g Devices mostly runs on Huawei hardware devices and it is mostly used in a limited manner by company, Zong associated it self with Huawei to produce portable wifi device that can be taken any where.

    Zong 4g Devices are being majorly used around the country and it only allows the user to have only a internet Sim from Zong franchise or retailer office.

    And which makes it limited to the user only to their network why we pay for the device and still get no customization or no root control of the device, if it will only run the operator's SIM.

    Zong has its own firmware installed in Huawei device which makes it limited to only Zong and often the device called "Locked".

    So, to unlock device, there are multiple softwares and tools that can help you unlock Huawei device in short time, and there are multiple devices of different models that zong is providing to the users.

    Now you probably wondering where to get these and Software and tools, I will provide you the links to the software and tools at the end of this article.

    Features of Zong 4g Device:

    Zong 4g Device is battery operated device which can last many hours on a single charge of the Zong 4g Device.

    The speed of Zong 4g device is upto 150mbps and it has 1500mAh battery.

    It supports both 2.5GHz and 5 GHz bands to have better connectivity to internet. 

    It also has the LTE/3G/2G fallback options which makes sure to have uninterrupted internet connectivity in all areas.

    What does Unlocking mean? 

    Zong 4g Device unlocking is method to revert the installed firmware of the device to default firmware, which actually breaches all the legality settled by the operator, and then it will be able to host any operator.

    With the Locked Device you are limited to the internet Packages given by Zong and those packages are quite costly and limited.

    Most of the users and students are not able to get these packages due to their insufficient pocked money.

    So, the best way to handle this situation is to unlock the device.

    How to Free Download the Zong 4g Device Unlock Software:

    You would see four files and you have to download all of them to get started.

    To download the software click Here.

    How To Unlock Zong 4g Device:

    There are multiple devices and models are currently being offered by Zong, and everyone has their own firmware.

    So, to unlock the device you need to check the model of the device on the back of Zong 4g device, when you remove the battery you would be able to see the model number.

    Now when you know the model number of the device, write down that specific number on your memo or somewhere else to stay remembered.

    1. You just need to go to this website page
    2. Then select your Zong 4g Device model.
    3. Then you will see four files on your screen, download all of them.
    4. Now when download, go to your download folder.
    5. Open Drivers files and click on the files with extension ".exe", it will install the driver of the device to show up on your PC.
    6. Once you installed, Now you need to turn off your Zong 4g Device and get in to developer mode, to get in to developer mode, click the home button of device and "reset" button at once.
    7. Now you need to open Zong firmware file and run it, if it asks password, the password would be"software master" or it will be written on the download page.
    8. After that, open DC Unlocker and Apply the commands below!

      These commands are for the DC Unlocker program and are used to operate the modem devices through the computer.

      • RESET: This command will reboot your device.


      • GODLOAD: This command will load the drivers.


      • NVWREX: This command will write IMEI into your device.

      AT^NVWREX=0,0,16, 08 06 07 00 00 09 00 00 00 09 07 08 06 01 09 00

    Now unplug your device and reset manually.

    That's it! Your device is now Unlocked and can run any SIM from any operator now.

    If you have any queries or questions, you can write below.

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