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no bootable medium found


    We will see how to solve no boot-able medium found error in Virtual Box if you are trying to set up Virtual Box for the first time.

    You can run any guest operating system on top of any host operating system for example you can run Linux within your Windows PC you can run Mac within your Linux.

    It can even run Windows 10 within Windows 7.

    So, this is the exact error that we are going to fix today which says fatal no boot-able medium found! system halted.

    How to Fix "No Boot-able Medium found" Error:

    I have installed Virtual Box and now I'm trying to set up a new virtual machine let's try to start the new machine that we have just created.

    This is the exact error that we are going to fix today it says fatal no boot-able medium found system halted.

    Fix 1:

    Now let's get into the solution part, all you need either a real operating system disk or ISO file of the operating system that you want to run in your guest virtual machine.

    If you have real OS disk insert the same and restart the virtual machine this should straightaway fix your issue.

    Fix 2:

    If you have already downloaded then your ISO file will present in your download folder.

    If you don't have,You can download the operating system ISO file from the official website.

    For Example you can see in the image below, i have downloaded file from Ubunto Official site.


    Once downloaded, open Virtual Box go to settings and select storage on screen.

    I could see my virtual hard disk with the machine name that I have given initially.

    But it is empty and here I have my real optical disk which is also empty both of these are empty in my case and that is exactly the reason why I get this error.

    If you don't see any optical disk over here select controller and tap on the little icon on top right corner to add optical drive and select leave empty and use this empty disk for further steps.

    Select the optical disk at the right hand side, tap on this disk icon and choose a disk file which is nothing but the ISO file that we have already downloaded.

    Ensure there is only one optical disc and it is mounted with the ISO file go to system under boot order.

    Ensure optical disk has been selected and it is on top of the order now try to start the system.

    We are now no more getting the error "no boot-able medium found" and you can continue and complete the rest of the OS installation process as you do in your real PC.

    Once installation process completes you can unmount or remove the ISO file from optical disk and change the boot order to start from hard disk.

    From now on for all your subsequent boots your virtual machine will pick the install guest OS from your virtual hard disk.

    How This Error Occurs?

    This is one of the foremost error that you may encounter if you are not familiar with Virtual Box it is a free software that allows you to run a Virtual PC within your real PC.

    This means you have created a virtual machine but not yet installed any guest operating system.

    And it occurs when you have set the empty directory of OS, which in short doesn't have the ISO file.

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