Blue Screen Error on windows 10 - How to fix the Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10.

This error comes up when one of the hardware in computer got corrupted and then this blue screen shows up with a fatal error which indicates that operating system can not run properly.

Most of us has now so evolved in our electronic devices that if something bad happens to them we feel devastated as hell, todays generation has now taken over all their work to their devices, every work has now being done in computer machines so when ones computer or electronic device gets badly botched, it becomes the worst feeling for the owners.

Computer is an electronic device so it can disrupt easily out of nowhere, we may have heard about blue screen error, when everything’s going alright and you are doing as your routine and then you turn your computer on and then you see a whole blue screen and it doesn’t go on further from the blue screen, so it becomes the most worst feeling ever, this has also happened to me I am sharing this with an experience.

The blue screen error also called as the error of death, but no worried it is not as scary as it sounds id be giving you some most useful methods to get rid of this error.

  • Method 1:
  • Most of the times this error comes when your hardware gets disrupted by rust or dust on components, so all you need to do is remove your ram and clean them up with eraser and then put back in and try.

    If the error keeps coming then try removing one of your ram and start your computer, if it still shows then put back the ram you removed and remove the other which was inside before and then try, it will work.

    Like i already told you that there was a time when i had this error on my laptop and I didn’t know what to do, so i took my laptop to the repairing shop and showed him the error and he told me to come after a day, so after getting back my laptop from him I got to know that he only removed one of my laptop’s ram and then gave back to me and it costed me 20$ for no reason, so I hope if my experience could help you.

  • Method 2:
  • This error mostly comes when there is some problem in your hardware but most of the time its ram, but if it is not ram then you would need to check your hard drive and all other components ,try cleaning all your components it would definitely help.

    But somehow you don’t get solved with any of the method above then id recommend you to go to the repairing shop for laptops.

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