How to reduce any file size FREE - 2020

I'm getting to show you ways to reduce video file size without losing quality using Handbrake. We will use Handbrake software to reduce the file size of our video.Suppose I have a video here, and it is about 188 Mb and it's a 51-second video. What this indiacates is that if we had a longer video from same camera then I'd have a really big video file here to affect.

Although it's going to be like 10 minutes, almost consuming like 3, 4, 5, GB. So what we'd like to try to here is, for you that don't know Handbrake, it's an application that's available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. and I am using handbrake for Windows, so, the latest is handbrake 1.33. And you'll inspect all the opposite platforms that are supported.

I'll have the link to Handbrake within the description below. So our video file is already available and I have Handbrake installed on my computer, so we will just open it up- Handbrake… the foremost important thing when doing this is that you would like to understand the size of the video.

You've got two options. you'll either click on the file and open a single video, otherwise, you can just drop the file or the folder here. So I'll just drag and drop our video. Just drag and drop holding the left click and release. And once I release, I barely just look at what preset can we have. So, for starters, we have this fast preset, and it gives us this feature. Now it's written fast 1080p 30. If you check out the dimensions of the video are 1920by 1080.

So this is often taking over what's called 1080p, So what I want to try to here is that I want to click web-optimized, that's the primary option that I want to select and then come and ensure from the video dimensions. That the width down here is that the same as the source because if this goes to something like 1280 by 720 then meaning that your video is getting to be cropped, that's some sections are going to stop. So I do not do anything there. Just come to the filters- nothing there. Just come to the video. Now from the video, we will just come and say-for the framerate, we select the frame rate to be the same as the source because I do know the video frame rate is about 29 frames per second.

And that we can see that from here- 29 frames per second. And once I'm through with that section, I'll just come then say the frame rate should be constant. Now the sole other option that I touch is this section. And this is often what determines what sort of quality you will get from the video. If you progress this slider towards this direction, you get a lower quality video and a really small size, but if you progress the slider towards the right, you get a better video quality, but also a better video size. So that's all we'd like to try to for starters, you'll even test with these, the 22 constant quality 22 (the RF). And you will notice that you're going to get a smaller video size, but the standard is nearly just like the first.

So sometimes you only don't get to change this, but if you wanted it to vary, you'll move it to about, for instance, 23. But I only I just say, I'll leave it at around22 where it had been. It does the work.

So you only check if the audio track is available? Yes, it is. And if you had subtitles to place into that particular video that's to hard code, or maybe embed, you'll do this from this particular section.

But we do not have anything to feature. So we'll move right down to our Save As section and click on Browse- where you would like to travel and save our new video file.

This is the only possible and legit way to reduce video file size without losing quality. Now, if you notice it's an extension of dot m4v. But you'll always change that. Let's say, reduced or compressed, for instance, compressed then .mp4. Once you are doing that, just click on Save. And if you're satisfied together with your selection, just click on Start encode. It's getting to start encoding your video file into a smaller file size which will prevent space on your computer. And even make it easier for you to share the files with people without taking an excessive amount of Internet bandwidth.

Counting on the length of the video, and the resources of your systems, that's if you've got a far better system that utilizes a graphics card and everyone that this is often getting to be a fast and straight forward process. Unfortunately, that's not the case on behalf me. So it's getting to take a touch little bit of time to compress the video file. Let's provides it a while then we'll come and see what file size we've at the top of it all. We're almost through with the encoding process from Handbrake. And it takes some time- really depends on the resources of your computer.

And as I've mentioned, I even have a whacky computer so it isn't getting to really do me well unless I'm leaving an entire project overnight. So once it's complete, you will see that the video file size will have reduced. And as I discussed, Handbrake can help you reduce video file sizes in Mac, Linux, Windows. So all operating systems are covered and you can roll in the hay in whichever application that you simply use. So it's almost done. And he's getting to hit done maybe in only like a few seconds. And it's taken an extended time, give or take like nine minutes. But there's something else.

There's another process that was running. So once it's done, it's getting to give us Queueis finished. we will just minimize this. And this is often the first file. It's 188 Mb and this is often our compressed file. It's 35.6 Mb. If I double click this original file to view it inside the VLC media player.

Now that is the original file, this is often the compressed video file. Just double click thereon again and it's good to possess you here. You'll notice that there is no qualitative change in this video once I reduce the file size using Handbrake. So what I actually wanted to point out you are that you can compress an enormous video file from for instance 100 Mb to maybe 30 Mb or maybe smaller depending on the settings that you simply have. But always confirm that you simply keep your dimensions identical to the first video to avoid cropping of sections or particular areas of a video that could also be important for a viewer.

But this process can assist you to save your video files on your computer and thus, you reduce the wastage of space. then this process also can make it easy for you to share huge video files with folks that you'll want to use, especially if you have a coffee internet connection. Sometimes all be it you're sending content to a client, you'll do that so that if they need any changes to send to you, then you will not have wasted your bandwidth sending them the entire video file.

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