How to download mods without root or Jailbreak - Best Hacking Apps!!

If you are a beginner in programming then you might be interested in hacking, lets talk about the best hacking apps that can help you do some interesting things on the internet.

I'm gonna show you all the best hacking apps that you can install on iOS and Android that's gonna allow you to get unlimited coins in any game that you want and in this is where I'm gonna show you two ways that you guys can pretty much get any amount of coins that you want in any game and unlock all the in-app purchases for absolutely free.

But as you can see if we want to get the free coins in the game all we gotta do is just cancel and boom our coins just rise for absolutely free and this is working on most games including Temple Run or any other popular game out there and I'm gonna teach you exactly how to do this is working on any iOS version no jailbreak or root is required at all this is working on iOS and Android make sure you read until the end of the article.

Guys you are not gonna want to miss out on these two hacking Apps I'm gonna provide to you and show you all how to install on your device so the two we're going to be talking about is:

  1. Local IAP store
  2. Tutu AppVIP

So I'm gonna show you all how to get Tutu VIP for free or you're gonna be able to get locali app store for absolutely free as well now the two are kind of different and I'm gonna show you all how they work so Tutu App VIP is a tweaked app store we're just gonna allow you to download the games and apps they already have.
So let's say you wanted to get subway surfers hacked they have that they have on Spotify++ which comes with the VIP so everything all the premium features for free they have quite master so you're only limited to like what apps and games they have which is kind of good though because they have a huge library of games and apps that you can install already so that's one of the recommended ways and I'm gonna show you all in this exactly how to download it.

But if you don't want to use Tutu App you want to just use your extension in settings that's gonna allow you to mod any game on your phone we can do that as well by getting the locali app store.

You will find the Locali App store it's enabled and basically what this is is an extension that you use in settings and every time you play a game on your iOS or Android device if you want to buy anything in the game like any of the coins.

All you got to do is simply just go ahead and cancel the purchase and it will automatically add the coins to your game so just go ahead and show you all as a demonstration so contacting store cancel boom and we just got the coins guys for absolutely free without having to pay the money so I'm gonna show you on this exactly how to get these two best hacking apps so we've got locali App store Tutu App VIP so let's get right into it

So as the part of the download is all you're gonna want to do is open up your browser and you're gonna wanna head over to this website called, so you guys got to choose which one you want to use locali apps or Tutu App VIP you can go with either or you can get both of them me personally I'd like to use the Tutu App because it's actually kind of cool how you can install the modded games and apps from there and they have a huge selection.

So most of the games that you guys wanna hack are gonna be on there Dragonball Legends SimCity build-it like pretty much every game is on there.
So if you want Tutu App you got to type in-app here on the search bar as you guys can see there it is if you want a locali app store you type it in it and then you go ahead and install it.

The process is the same for both of them so let's say you wanted Tutu app right you type in Tutu app if VIP for free included so we're gonna want to do is tap on the app and you're gonna see the star injection button tap on that and now we just gotta wait a moment for this to load this is the same download process for both of the apps.

So if you want to do locali apps or it's the same it's just gonna be a different app of course but here we are we're just like downloading it give it like a second it should take a while it should take like a couple of more seconds to load up and then it's gonna take us to the final part of the download that we have to complete it is the same for locali app store.

So just keep on waiting a bit and you're gonna be able to go ahead and get the best hacking apps on iOS and Android for 2020 it's gonna allow you to get unlimited coins and money in any game you want to play without having to use lucky patcher or any of those like very annoying.

Game guarding so here we are in the final part of the download it's gonna go ahead and say please follow and complete the instructions of the offers below to finish the download process so we're gonna see some apps here and all we got to do is just complete each of them on the list it is pretty simple to do.

So we're gonna see some apps here and it gets started simply tap on one of the apps read the instructions of it and do exactly as the app says so to get started tap on it and now all we got to go ahead and do is just start running the application for the amount of time that they tell us to do so this one says to download the app and run it for 30 seconds very simple to do.

Make sure you're doing this correctly for the app to install correctly so you can go ahead and hack your apps and games on your iOS device or Android so after you do one app you know you got to head back you can't just do one you got to do another one come back there and choose coin master.

I mean Tutu got ever one you want I chose cone master because that's the one that's available for me you guys might not even have the same apps as me which is totally normal but after you guys have done one app you know after you guys have done all the apps you're pretty much done and the app that you chose will fully install on your device and that's how you do it so yeah it's pretty simple to do as you guys could tell this literally takes another five minutes to set up I'm not gonna do all the rest of the app so yeah that's pretty much it after you do that the app that you chose will fully install so you know if you want to do.

We can have access to everything we can go ahead and hack all the games showing you can check there a huge selection choose any really good app if you chose locali the app store that one works on the majority apps.

So you simply just install it and then when you go to buy your in-app coins or whatever in-app purchases it's gonna lock it for you just by tapping the cancel button

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